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                                                                                  SUGAR SCRUBS                                            

Organic fine sugar mixed with only organic, vegan friendly, gluten free, fair trade highest quality ingredients. Packaged in a Mason Jar with a cute bow bringing a little elegance to your home. Each $10 

Orange Creamsicle- Organic fine grain sugar, organic wild orange essential oil, organic coconut oil, and hints of vanilla. 

Peppermint- Organic fine grain sugar, Organic coconut oil, Peppermint essential oil can be made with or with out organic almond oil

Sugar Cookie Scrub- Organic Brown Sugar, Organic Olive oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Almond Oil , Organic Vanilla

                                                         GOATS MILK SOAPS




Varies by season 


Cotton candy

Green tea


Orange Love

Vanilla Chia


Shea Butter/ Coconut Lotion Bars